KUWAIT: Police responded to an emergency call in which a Kuwaiti man said he was attacked by three persons in Doha. The man was found with a stab wound on his shoulder, and was taken to Sabah Hospital. A police source said the victim told police that he was driving in the area when three persons forced him to pull over and got him out of his car. When he attempted to defend himself and keep them from stealing his vehicle, one of the suspects stabbed him before they drove off in the car, he said. Detectives are investigating.

‘Hysterical’ husband

A woman and her children called police for help as the woman said that her husband became hysterical. The man attempted to resist arrest, but was brought under control and taken to the police station. A case was filed for investigations.

Nine stitches

Police arrested five Egyptians men for beating a bedoon (stateless) man due to a financial dispute. Police found out the bedoon sustained injures in various parts of his body, including the head, so he was taken to Mubarak Hospital where he received nine stitches in the head. The suspects were taken to the proper authorities for further action. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai