KUWAIT: A note from a lawyer who jumped to his death from his 12th-floor office in Bneid Al-Gar confirmed the case as suicide and not murder, a local daily reported yesterday. The Egyptian man asked his family to forgive him as he could not continue living as he couldn’t provide them with the standard of living they were used to, especially after he was terminated as a legal advisor from a government agency, Al-Anbaa Arabic newspaper reported, quoting a security source. The prosecutor had ordered the case to be considered as murder, but the letter that was found in his office in his handwriting confirmed the case as a suicide.

Meanwhile, the court sentenced a Kuwaiti actor to five years in jail and fined him KD 5,000 for using drugs. In another case, a Kuwaiti man and his Iranian girlfriend were arrested after a failed attempt to escape by jumping from the first floor of a building in Jabriya. A firearm and drugs were confiscated. A security source said tips were received by detectives that a citizen wanted by state security was in a Jabriya flat.

When they went there, the two attempted to escape after realizing detectives were at the door. Separately, the prosecutor ordered an Indian woman in her 30s and a man in his 60s be sent to jail after they confessed to having an illicit relationship. The woman said she was paid to maintain the relationship. Both were caught naked in a vehicle. When police arrived at the scene, the woman ran out half-naked, but was caught, while the man was found without clothes.

KUWAIT: This handout photo released by Kuwait Fire Force yesterday shows fire engines at the site of a fire reported in Sharq.

In the meantime, four vehicles parked near a Kuwait Flour Mills factory in Ahmadi caught fire. Firemen put out the blaze and prevented it from spreading, as more than 80 vehicles were parked in the area. No injuries were reported. In another incident, firemen put out a blaze in a basement of an eight-storey building in Sharq. The basement was used to store clothes. Residents were evacuated as a precautionary measure. Investigations were opened in both incidents to reveal the cause of the fire, Kuwait Fire Force said.