Man hires mob to kidnap compatriot; suspects arrested in Farwaniya

Four kidnappers promised to be paid KD 1,000 each

KUWAIT: Farwaniya police patrols foiled an attempt by four men to kidnap a person in the area, and arrested the suspects who claimed that someone promised to pay them KD 1,000 each for the operation. Patrolmen in Farwaniya became suspicious when they saw an SUV at a traffic light between Farwaniya, Rehab and Omariya with four people inside, who were visibly nervous. They asked the driver to pull over and approached the vehicle, when they noticed a fifth person in the backseat who was handcuffed while his face was covered with a plastic bag. The man immediately screamed for police’s help when they approached the vehicle, so they arrested the four and freed him. Detectives found out that a citizen had instructed the four Arab men to kidnap his fellow compatriot for reasons that remain under investigations, and had promised to pay them KD 1,000 each if they get the job done. An arrest warrant was issued for the alleged instigator, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Body found
Police were called to open a locked door at Rumaithiya polyclinic. A team was sent from Bidaa rescue center. The toilet’s door was forced open and a dead man was found inside – a Kuwaiti in his 30s. The body was taken by forensics personnel. Separately, Al-Rai daily reported yesterday that the body of an unidentified person was recovered by the coroner after he threw himself from the top of a building. Police and paramedics rushed to the area and found the body in a pool of blood. The person did not have any ID on him. The case was considered a suicide.

Territorial waters
The Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department released a statement commenting on a video clip circulating on social media and showing a Saudi coastguard patrol arresting Kuwaitis onboard a boat outside Kuwait territorial waters, saying the citizens entered the joint marine area between the two countries without permits. The department said several Kuwaiti coastguard patrols went to the area and all IDs of the citizens were returned.

Store fire
Capital and Hilali firemen put out a blaze in the air conditioning duct of a Mubarakiya perfume store. Separately, firemen fought a blaze that scorched cars and spare parts in a Shuwaikh garage. Industrial Shuwaikh, Shuhada, Salmiya and backup centers responded and prevented the fire from spreading. No injuries were reported. In other news, Acting Deputy Director General for Firefighting Affairs Brig Mohammad Al-Mohammaid inspected security points and work of firemen on Arabian Gulf Road. He said firemen are ready to face all circumstances.

‘Critical point’
A citizen who feared for her son’s life called police and told them he has reached a ‘critical point’ at an apartment he shares with his girlfriend. Policemen went to the apartment along with the mother, who allowed them to enter and arrest them. Both were in an abnormal state surrounded by shabu and drugs paraphernalia, reported Al-Rai. Both were sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

Policeman insulted
A citizen was charged with insulting a policeman on duty who issued her a citation, Al-Rai reported. The incident took place in an Ahmadi governorate area when a car was seen driven without a plate on the front, so she was pulled over and a citation was issued. The woman did not like it and insulted him verbally. The woman was sent to the police station, where she was charged with insulting a public employee on duty.

A Pakistani man was mugged by a man wearing a dishdasha claiming to be a detective, who stole KD 1,000 and a smartphone before disappearing. The victim was driving in Qurain, when he was surprised by the man who claimed to be a detective, who said he will hurt him if he does not give him the money and the phone, reported Al-Rai. Detectives are working on the case.

Smuggling foiled
Abdaly customs officers foiled an attempt by a Gulf national to smuggle nearly 4,000 tablets of Captagon, Al-Rai reported yesterday. The driver seemed nervous upon arrival from Iraq, so he was searched and the drugs were found. He was sent to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies