KUWAIT: A man died after his wife allegedly stabbed him inside their Salmiya apartment yesterday, according to reports. The victim, Egyptian, was reportedly sustained several stab wounds in the abdomen during a domestic dispute. Police placed the wife, Egyptian, under arrest and took her to the police station for further action.

Fatal crash
A delivery man died in an accident between his motorbike and a car on King Fahad Road on Sunday. The victim, Egyptian, succumbed to his injuries on the scene. The vehicle’s driver, Kuwaiti, was taken in police’s custody for questioning.

Body found
The prosecution ordered the removal of a Kuwaiti’s body who was found dead in his Riggae flat with a firearm in his hand. A Kuwaiti told police that he lost contact with a relative, then when he went to his flat, he detected a foul odor. He broke down the door and found him on the floor. The coroner recovered the body.

Suspicious exchange
Police noticed two cars with their doors open, and saw a large amount of money in the hands of a man trying to hand it to a woman. When approached, the man told the woman to drive away as he threw the money in her car. When police attempted to arrest them, the man resisted and the woman escaped. The man was arrested and detectives are working on the case.

Officers fight
A security source said a woman called and claimed she was detained in Bneid Al-Gar by some men, sent her location and switched her phone off. When police arrived, the woman was seen in a vehicle with four men, who refused to hand their IDs. Backup was called and three men who refused to show their IDs were arrested. Once at the police station, one of the suspects, who is a police corporal, attacked a policeman, so a lieutenant intervened. He was punched and lost a tooth. The corporal then attempted to escape. When the police shift changed, the new officers were also insulted. Investigations are ongoing.

Assault cases
Three Kuwaiti women said another Kuwaiti woman insulted and beat them at a rented chalet in the Doha chalets area. They filed a complaint at a police station. In another case, a man hit another with a cleaver on his elbow following a dispute. The victim, an Iraqi man, told police after being released from Farwaniya Hospital about the incident. Police are seeking the arrest of the suspect. Separately, a bedoon told police he was stopped by several men, who beat him and stole his wallet with KD 100 in it. He produced a medical report stating that he sustained bruises on the head and hand. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa