Man dead after vehicle caught flames following accident on Abdali-Mutlaa Road

Search for man who dumped dead baby near dumpster

KUWAIT: A vehicle burning after an accident reported on Abdali-Mutlaa Road

KUWAIT: A driver died following a traffic accident reported yesterday on Abdali-Mutlaa Road. After receiving an emergency call, firefighters rushed to the scene located on the 19th kilometer mark of the road where the vehicle crashed into a concrete barrier and caught fire. Firemen battled the blaze and freed the trapped passengers. The driver was found in a critical condition and had lost a leg in the crash, but succumbed to his injuries on arrival at the hospital. Meanwhile, the person who was on the passenger’s seat remains in hospital in a critical condition. An investigation was opened to determine the cause of the accident.

The scene inside an apartment after firefighters tackled a blaze there.

Families rescued
Firemen evacuated a building where a fire broke out in an apartment. Two families were rescued from the burning floor, then an elderly man was pulled out of the flames with burns on his face and body. A hydraulic ladder was used to rescue two persons from a neighboring apartment as they attempted to throw themselves out due to fear and thick smoke. In a separate case, Farwaniya firemen put out a fire which gutted a second floor apartment in Khaitan after evacuating the building. No injuries were reported, as investigations are being conducted to find out the cause of the fire.

Case solved
Detectives solved the case of a newborn who was found dead near a dumpster. They found an African man got rid of the baby, and police are about to arrest him. Investigations and footage of surveillance cameras in the area showed the suspect dumping the body, not realizing the cameras were recording his moves.

Fugitive caught
Criminal detectives arrested an armed Kuwaiti man after stiff resistance and attempts to attack police. The suspect was found wanted and considered dangerous, and had been sentenced to eight years in jail. The car he was driving had stolen license plates and the ID he was carrying was forged. Detectives learned the suspect was in his Abdullah Al-Mubarak house, and that he carried a weapon at all times. A warrant was obtained and the residence was stormed despite the suspect’s confrontation. Police also found drugs in his house.

Drug dealer arrested
Hawally police prevented a Kuwaiti man with a criminal record from distributing hashish to his customers. Police suspected him so he was stopped and searched, and the drugs were found along with a sensitive scale. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies