KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti citizen in his twenties faces multiple charges after he caused chaos inside a police station in Hawally. The citizen’s mother was questioned by police inside the station when the citizen who was accompanying her started behaving in an inappropriate way.


When an officer asked him to behave, he started yelling then attacked the policeman. Then he broke a lighter and cut himself while his mother collapsed in a suspicious manner, so he picked her up and took her outside the police station, claiming he had her medicine. When things calmed down, the man was charged with physically and verbally assaulting an officer.




A citizen paid a heavy price when he stormed a house to meet a girl, but was beaten up. The assault left him with severe injuries that required him to be hospitalized and admitted inside the intensive care unit. The man wanted to settle differences with the girl, but her brothers caught him and beat him up. The attacker meanwhile caused a 25 cm cut on the arm of one of the girl’s brothers. Detectives are working on the case.




Farwaniya police prevented a citizen in his twenties from harming his family while drunk as he threatened his parents and younger brother with a knife. Police negotiated with the man before arresting him. The man was sent to the proper authorities for further legal action.




Detectives are looking for an unknown person who stole 12 smart phones in addition to KD 700 in cash from a phones’ store in Farwaniya. The total value of the stolen phones is estimated at KD 3,240. – Translated from the Arabic press