KUWAIT: A man was arrested on charges of killing his pregnant wife in Taima. Police and paramedics rushed to a house in the area in response to an emergency call, and found the 22-year-old woman in a critical condition. The woman, who was pregnant, was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead along with her unborn child. A man identified later as the woman’s husband was found sitting inside his car outside the house, and he was placed under arrest then taken to the proper authorities to face charges.

A man was arrested for disturbing families in a mall while under the influence of drugs. Police received several calls about a man behaving abnormally. The arrest was made after fierce resistance and drugs were found on him. He was sent to Drugs Control General Department (DCGC). In another case, a citizen swallowed a bag full of drugs, then ran on foot in an attempt to escape but was caught. He was taken to hospital under heavy guard to remove the bag he swallowed. Separately, an Egyptian man was arrested in possession of five bags of shabu (meth) and cash. He was sent to DCGD.

A female citizen accused her ex-husband of threatening to stab her in front of their daughter. The woman said that the man forced her to drop charges she pressed against him and decrease the alimony. When she tried to contact the police, he escaped, leaving his wallet behind. Investigations are underway. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai