Man admits to stabbing friend to death after fight

Ministry comments on laborer’s arrest statements

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested the suspect in the murder of a Kuwaiti man who was found killed outside his Mubarak Al-Kabeer house recently. Investigations revealed that the man was killed by a friend after the two engaged in a fight that escalated into the stab-murder. The victim was reportedly found dead with several stab wounds on his face and head at the backyard of his house. Detectives traced the victim’s phone calls made right before his murder, identified those who called him, and found out that one of them was present with the victim in his house when the crime happened. The man was arrested and confessed during questioning of committing the crime. He was sent to the public prosecution for further legal action.

Laborer’s arrest
The interior ministry’s public relations department commented on statements that a citizen made in an interview on a satellite channel – that criminal detectives arrested a domestic worker without giving a reason. The statement said the worker was arrested during a campaign at dawn on Friday in Mahboula. The statement said the worker is a loose laborer and not under his sponsor’s control. The suspect resisted fiercely before being arrested and taken to the station. The sponsor changed his statements several times with regards to his worker. Meanwhile, the interior ministry, commenting on a video clip showing three people driving recklessly, said the trio was arrested and issued several traffic citations, then detained for endangering their own and others’ lives. The cars were impounded.

KUWAIT: A vehicle heavily damaged after a fire reported yesterday in Mubarak Al-Kabeer and A sports car is impounded for reckless driving

Vehicles on fire
Fire broke out in three vehicles at dawn yesterday in Mubarak Al-Kabeer. Al-Qurain fire station responded and prevented it from spreading. An investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire.

Brotherly hate
Two brothers exchanged blows and fought with sticks in Jahra over a girl, and were taken to the police station for questioning. Police responded to a call about the fight, so they went and found the two were brothers who fought over a girl that used to call them both. When they discovered they are ‘partners’ in relations with her, they became angry and started a fight.

Murder threat
An angry man stormed into his friend’s diwaniya with a knife and threatened to kill him, so he lodged a complaint. He said he was surprised by his friend wielding a knife, so he fled to the inside of the house. Investigations are underway.

A Kuwaiti woman sought police help when a flirting man volunteered to pay her bill at a co-op society in Jahra. The woman admonished him, but he followed her to a gas station and attempted to do the same, but was admonished once again by her. He still wanted to give her his phone number, so she took it and went to the police. Detectives are investigating.

Dog bite
A citizen was rushed to Sabah Hospital after a dog bit him on a Kaifan walking track. The dog’s owner was arrested. The victim received bites in his thigh and arm, and was given injections. Investigations are underway.

Criminal detectives are investigating thefts from four departments of an intermediate school in Ahmadi governorate. Teachers were surprised to find computers, three screens and a laser printer were stolen.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Al-Rai