KUWAIT: Rumaithiya police detains an Asian domestic helper whose sponsor accused her of deliberately killing his pet dog. The citizen arrived at the police station in a hysterical state, along with an Asian woman he accused of killing his rare-breed dog. The man claimed that she did it on purpose to take revenge, adding that she admitted this to him. He insisted that she be charged with “premeditated murder,” based on the animal protection law. He said if police did not take action, then he would, so the woman was kept at the police station for her own protection.

Strange hugging and caressing
A police officer cadet accused a classmate of his of hugging and caressing him in a strange way. When the classmate repeated the actions, the cadet complained to Saad Al-Abdalah Academy administration, but no action was taken. The first year student said he was surprised when another student in the non-commissioned officers institute harassed him with unwanted physical contact. The administration questioned the student who denied the accusation. He admitted to hugging the cadet but said he did so because he was an orphan and wanted some affection.

A source said the college did not take any further action. But then the man repeated the advances and even chased the cadet into the toilet at night, keeping others from entering, and insulted him with indecencies. The student told a relative of his what was going on and the relative took the cadet to the Abdallah Al-Mubarak police station and lodged a complaint. The source said the accused student was sent to the prosecution, and he was detained in central prison for 10 days as the case will go to court. – Al-Rai

Citizen arrested with machine gun
A citizen was arrested by weapons detectives in his Adan home with an unlicensed machine gun along with ammunition. Detectives were informed that the citizen owns several unlicensed weapons, so they confirmed the details and discovered that the man works for an oil company, and lives in an Adan area house. A warrant was obtained and the houses raided where the weapons were found. He was sent to the public prosecution for further legal action.