If you are fascinated by luxury ambiance and taste, try Theater by Rhodes. This place is not a hotel, but a cinema and a restaurant in one. This is a place that defines real essence of comfort and luxury. Kuwait Times interviewed Gary Rhodes, the man behind this new concept in Kuwait.

Kuwait Times: Tell us about your visit to Kuwait.
Rhodes: This is my third visit to Kuwait – it’s nice to come back again for the opening of Theater by Rhodes. Cooking at another place is really fascinating – more so at one of my Rhodes projects. We started in Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates. Now I am here in Kuwait and we are growing. This place is unique and beautiful, and will create a very impressive touch from the concept to the ambiance and food. This is something that is going to appeal to a mass audience. We use fresh ingredients and cook right here in our kitchen from scratch.

KT: How are people going to eat inside the theater – isn’t it quite dark?

Rhodes: Here’s the way we do it. Customers will come first to the lounge. You will be served your appetizer and drinks, then ushered to reclining seats by our staff. While seated, you will enjoy popcorn, then our staff will get your main course. You will enjoy it while watching the movie – it is a completely different set-up of a theater with the best recipes by Rhodes. Dessert will be served as well. The staff will never block the screen because it is designed not to disturb customers watching movies. We are glad to have partnered with Vox Cinema to realize this concept. Our seats are limited to 18 to 24.

KT: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Rhodes: It’s the people I worked with who are my real inspirations – people that come across my journey and gave a bit of what they’ve got and I absorb it. The greatest of them is my Rhodes family – they changed the whole approach and concept of food. I am learning every day, and you never stop learning in this industry.
KT: How did you derive this particular concept?
Rhodes: When I came to Kuwait, I got the opportunity to meet the Vox Cinema CEO. Maybe four years ago we discussed the Theater by Rhodes. The CEO understands quality food and luxury space. I share a similar passion with the CEO, so I didn’t have a hard time in introducing my cinema concept combined with food. Soon we will be in Saudi Arabia, but one step at a time.

KT: How is the menu different from the rest?

Rhodes: We want to add a fresh edge to the recipes. People come not just for movies, but they come because they like our food. We have several signature foods offered here like the famous and most prestigious New York daily burger. This burger is made from scratch. We have salads, main courses, desserts and beverages. We make them all by hand – the flavor is great. The dishes are also not very expensive – people can afford and enjoy them.

KT: How do you foresee the concept to work in Kuwait?

Rhodes: We know that Kuwaitis love to eat good food. People also want to go to a movie and enjoy. Now you will not just enjoy the movie, you will enjoy food consumed in a most comfortable venue. The cinema offers not just pure entertainment and comfort, but a soft reclining seat too. So it’s not just the experience but the luxury and quality we offer our customers. We will be changing the menu perhaps three times a year to maintain a fresh look.

KT: What are your plans for Rhodes in Kuwait?
Rhodes: Maybe open more venues of this concept in Kuwait and the rest of the Middle East. As mentioned, I am not in a hurry, but of course we will expand. We already have plans in Saudi Arabia.