KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) formed a committee to receive complaints from farmers whose farms were recently damaged by locust swarms. The authority is currently going through cases it has already received and will consider the possibility of compensation, sources said, adding that there were more than 16 complaints demanding compensation.

Meanwhile, head of Kuwait Farmers Union Abdallah Al-Damak said the union cooperates with PAAAFR in following up with the farms that were hit by locust in Wafra during the past two weeks. On the other hand, executive director of the competition protection department at PAAAFR Dr Abdallah Al-Ouwaisi warned against creating a sudden artificial abundance of products and deal with it in an untrue prices that may affect the economies of the rest of competitors.

Fatal crash
A man died and three others were injured in a two-vehicle collision reported in Jaber Al-Ahmad yesterday. The accident happened when a driver lost control over his vehicle and it swerved into the shoulder of the road, then ran over four men who were standing next to a car that was stopped there, according to the driver’s statements. A case was filed for further investigations.

Educational development
The Ministry of Education (MOE) decided not to renew its agreement with the World Bank on educational and curriculum development, said informed sources, noting that MOE is currently looking for another international advisors to replace the World Bank. Organizations that are likely to provide consultancy and supervise educational development in Kuwait include Cambridge University and UNESCO’s education bureau, the sources added. Further, the sources stressed that MOE would continue using the current curriculums while a team of ten members has been formed in each educational zone to set the new assessment methods and form the base of the future curriculums’ team.

Post service resumes
The Ministry of Services stressed that mail categorization and distribution at Kuwait International Airport and Al-Siddiq were resumed after an agreement and settlement was reached between the ministry and the company responsible for distributing the mail over paying unpaid wages of protesting workers. The ministry added that postal parcels will not be distributed to the addresses written on them, but instead recipients would be called or receive text messages to collect them themselves. Further, the ministry also stressed that outbound postal parcels’ traffic was going on normally according to mail statistics about the past two days, where MIshref center received 568 parcels and forwarded them to the airport center to be sent to various countries.

By A Saleh