Life is short

By Abdellatif Sharaa

Many, if not all of us, have faced several events that made us feel uncomfortable or let down. These can be painful if caused by a friend or someone we trust. It is normal to feel down and upset, but we must remember that we are not the first to be betrayed and certainly not the last, and we shouldn’t be disappointed more than what is necessary. You are not the first to feel lonely among millions, and you yourself must have committed a sin or made mistakes with others.

It is always when things become grim or seem to close from all directions, one will find some way out at the end. When you feel uncomfortable and cannot figure out things, sit down and reconsider your priorities in life. Every one of us has dreams and ideas, but when one see the hope of fulfillment vanish, they should remember right away that nothing is permanent – even the life we are living will one day end and our presence here is anyhow temporary.

So please take things easy and try to always be positive, even under the most dire circumstances, because this is the only act that will take you out of any bad situation. Be positive like this girl who was in a bus when a woman came along and sat next to her with her bags taking up the entire space and giving the girl a hard time. Yet the girl kept smiling and did not show any disappointment or bad feelings.

In the meantime, a man was watching what was going on, so he asked the girl why didn’t she say something and admonish that unruly woman. The girl with her bright smile said: “It is not necessary to be tough and argue over every trivial thing – the trip is short and I will leave the bus at the next stop.” We must remember what she said – “the trip is short” – as this applies to just about everything in our life. We should not spend our life in darkness and be engulfed with disputes. We must adopt a forgiving attitude towards others; otherwise, much of our efforts that can be used for productive actions will be lost for nothing.

Be cool when someone mistreats you. Regardless of what type of injustice you suffer, keep calm and remember our presence here is temporary. I am one hundred percent sure that many of us faced ingratitude from those we once helped, and there wasn’t any appreciation. But be forgiving and keep your calm.

Our trip is short in this life and once we go, that’s it – we are not returning. The only thing is that we do not know how long the trip is and when it will end. The only thing that you will leave here is your reputation, so let your deeds speak about you and make your loved ones after you depart proud!

Final word: “Who spend [in the cause of Allah] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people – and Allah loves the doers of good.” – Holy Quran (3:134)