KUWAIT: A government source said a proposal is being considered to grant bedoons commercial licenses in a bid to organize vendors selling on streets, pavements and roundabouts, so they can be under the supervision of the Municipality, commerce ministry and the food and nutrition authority.

The source said it is not true that the Municipality treats roaming bedoon vendors harshly; rather it takes legal measures against violators. He said there are reasons for not allowing hawking, and this is not particular to a certain group – the law is applied to all those who violate decisions, especially those who sell food items such as fruits and vegetables.

He said the proposal has several conditions including that the license should be issued in the name of a retired Kuwaiti, a form of guarantee, minimal monthly fees, the Municipality decides where the vendor stands and vehicles must be air-conditioned. This is in addition to having the vendor obtain a health permit and not allowing those under 18 to work. A commerce ministry official said the proposal is welcome if it reaches his ministry. – Al-Qabas