KUWAIT: Before submitting his resignation yesterday, Minister of Communications and Minister of State For Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari issued a decision allowing companies licensed by the information ministry to provide IPTV cable TV services through the NGN network and to reduce the cost of Internet services by 40 percent to KD 3,600 annually per 100 mbps and KD 24,000 per one gbps, plus KD 1,000 each ISP pays to the ministry for installation fees.

Kandari also decided allowing bodies receiving IPLC Internet to increase their capacity by 10 percent for 25 GB capacity, 20 percent for 50 GB capacity, 30 percent for 75 GB capacity and 40 percent for 100 GB capacity. Kandari added that the decisions were made in collaboration with the public authority for IT and communications in order to provide cheaper high quality Internet services.

Naturalization suspended
Well-informed sources said that the Cabinet suspended a list of military bedoons, veteran oil sector staff and others, including children of Kuwaiti women, due to be granted Kuwaiti citizenship. The sources explained that due to the upcoming parliamentary elections, the process was suspended and deferred to next year at the beginning of the next parliamentary term in order to avoid any accusations of profiteering or doing favors to certain candidates.

Disabled club
The Municipality approved a request by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) to shift Kuwait Disabled Sports Club from MSAL to under the authority of Public Authority for Sports (PAS). Meanwhile, Director of the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) Essa Al-Kandari transferring the administrative and technical authorities of cattle and poultry slaughterhouses from the Municipality to PAFN, effective Dec 1, 2016. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Kandari said that food and food supplements-related activities would be fully transferred to PAFN effective Nov 1, 2016.

By A Saleh