lg-kuwaitKUWAIT: LG Electronics Gulf FZE in association with Al -Babtain Air conditioning & refrig. Company, held a technical seminar in Kuwait. The seminar had been attended by many stakeholders including ministries engineers and department heads, leading consultants, architects, property developers and MEP contractors.

At the event, LG Electronics, one of the leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) brands in the region, showcased the prowess of the Multi V IV air conditioner. The core of the Multi V IV is a superior combination of advanced inverter compressor technology and ease of maintenance. LG’s world-leading system is the result of 10 years’ worth of industry experience and tireless work. It is 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional air conditioning products and boasts an impressively high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 4.78 and 1.2 Kw/TR at actual Kuwait condition (48 degree C) approved by MEW (Ministry of Electricity and Water).

Speaking at the event, Kang, Director, HVAC MEA, LG Electronics Inc. said “The Middle East region has established a strong understanding of the importance of using and developing environment friendly products. This has led to an influx in demand for LG’s Multi V, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) product solutions that are energy efficient and eco-friendly. The Multi V IV is packed with several advanced green and energy efficient technology like HiPORTM, an advanced inverter, an active refrigerant control, a fourth-generation Inverter Compressor, smartphone Monitoring and expanded Piping Capabilities.

Stong business impact

Being a global responsible company towards sustainability we are shifting to inverter technology in Ducted, ductless and single package units.
Ghassan Al Loughani, GM at Al Babtain Air Conditioning & Refrigeration declared on his speech:
We are proud to showcase LG’s world class HVAC solution today in Kuwait and we are curtained that it will create a strong business impact in the community.” These machines will help the local authorities like MEW, KISR and KFAS in achieving their vision to reduce the burden on the Power plants as mentioned in the recent White Paper on “National Roadmap on Air conditioning systems”. We are glad to inform you that our Multi V IV and single package units are MEW approved and supported with a strong list of ongoing and completed project references.

HiPORTM (High Pressure Oil Return)

HiPORTM is an industry leading technology that reduces compressor energy wastage. The HiPORTM returns oil directly into the compressor, thereby resolving a significant and fundamental HVAC inefficiency.

Fast Heating and Cooling via Advanced Inverter

Thanks to a high performance cycle design, the Multi V IV is able to run both of its advanced inverter compressors simultaneously, resulting in significantly faster heating and cooling. Conventional two compressor models are unable to provide simultaneous operation, taking far longer to reach maximum capacity.

Active Refrigerant Control

LG’s Active Refrigerant Control automatically regulates the amount of refrigerant circulating each cycle. Able to increase the flow of refrigerant incrementally, this precise, five-step system leads to a considerable improvement in energy efficiency.

Fourth-generation Inverter Compressor

The Multi V IV is equipped with two world-class inverter compressors, boasting the widest operational range (15~150Hz) in the world. Due to this expanded range, LG’s advanced solution is able to minimize energy loss generated during part load operation. Also, the Multi V IV can produce an exceptionally large volume of cool (or warm) air in a short period of time, delivering immediate comfort to a building’s occupants.

Smartphone Monitoring and Control

The Smartphone Monitoring and Control function provides users with convenient management options, enabling them to remotely control the Multi V IV via Mobile LGMV’s Bluetooth module or the LG SAC Control smartphone application.

Expanded Piping Capabilities

With outstanding installation flexibility, the Multi V IV is much easier for designers to incorporate into large, multi-level buildings. This solution supports piping up to an industry best 1,000m in length, with a maximum height differential of 110m between ODU and IDU, and a maximum distance of 40m between each IDU. As such, the Multi V IV is easier to install in high-rise office and apartment buildings.