KUWAIT: A lawyer filed a complaint at Salwa police station accusing three Indians of helping an Indian housemaid flee her sponsor’s house. The suspects claimed to be working for the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. The lawyer added that the suspects barged into the house claiming to be embassy staff and that they had come to free their compatriot. A break and entry and assault case was filed.

Industrial plots closed
Public Authority for Industry’s (PAI) Director Abdul Kareem Taqi issued a decision closing down 26 industrial plots after the users failed to pay overdue fees, said informed sources, noting that Taqi urged all sectors to be very strict in collecting state fees. Meanwhile, Taqi announced that the Shadadiya Industrial Area will be ready in Nov 2019 and stressed that basic features of the area including streets and infrastructure will start materializing by November.

Licenses renewal
Well-informed cooperative sources said the Ministry of Social Affairs (MSAL) has given owners of invested stores at co-operative societies a three-month grace period to renew their licenses with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI).

18,519 units
Official sources at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) said the contractor of the second contract at the South Mutlaa project involving the construction of 18,519 units will start using explosives on the solid project soil in the coming days. The sources explained that the contractor had to use explosives after facing difficulties digging the site to lay the foundations.

A Saleh