KUWAIT: MP Abdelkareem Al-Kandari said Social Affairs Minister Hind Al-Sabeeh “does not know that dissolving Kaifan Co-op Society confirms that she will be ousted in the upcoming grilling.” He added that the minister “knows the homes and families of Kaifan and she will not be able to distort that reputation by dissolving the coop.”
Kandari, who spoke during a gathering held by the dissolved co-op’s board of directors in Kaifan warned Sabeeh that she “is following a method that attacks unions and co-ops, and we will have our say at the grilling and you can hear it live during your grilling session.”

“Dissolving of the co-op is a cheap political deal and you will pay the price,” he said, addressing Sabeeh. Meanwhile, MP Waleed Al-Tabatabai said the minister made gains from the dissolution and came up with electoral key holders for some lawmakers as appointed members “who know nothing about the cooperative action.” He demanded that the dissolution be cancelled, and elected members be restored.

MP Adel Al-Demkhi said there is a war declared against the cooperative action, though the minister should be on the side of the cooperative and popular action. He said what happened is a distortion of history and reputation of families without enabling them to defend themselves, and there are several court rulings against the minister and her malicious action.
“We give the minister a week to cancel her decision, otherwise we will continue our action,” MP Ahmad Al-Fahdel said. “My goal is not the minister, and her problem is placing people in the wrong place. We hope the minister to do reform. Her decisions harmed many people, and I am on the side of the oppressed.” MP Abdelwahab Al-Babtain said meanwhile that the minister relies on people who do not know anything, and if she was deliberate, then the harm is deliberate as well.
The Kaifan Co-op Society’s board was dissolved last week by an order of the Social Affairs and Labor Ministry, which oversees co-op boards and activity in Kuwait. The board is under investigation for embezzlement and corruption though no charges have been filed until now.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi