alazmi and aljeeranKUWAIT: Two Islamist lawmakers yesterday praised Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47 suspects on terrorism charges. MP Ahmad Mutaee’ Al-Azmi strongly praised Riyadh’s role in fighting terrorism and stressed that the executions were the best deterrent to people with terrorist mindsets. Azmi also criticized some people for threatening to turn the international public opinion against Saudi Arabia, and described them as unwise. Meanwhile, MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran said that what Saudi Arabia did was a clear message to the entire world, expressing Riyadh’s rejection of terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism. “Saudi Arabia has every right to practice its sovereignty and authority over its subjects as well as any outlaws who call for chaos, killings, bombings and describing others as non-believers,” he said.

Surveillance cameras MP Faisal Al-Kandari stressed the need to activate a bill on installing security surveillance cameras, noting that cameras have become a must on highways. “Street wars seem to be endless and have claimed many lives,” he said, calling for monitoring all roads to help identify and arrest many hit-and-run motorists, especially in accidents leading to fatalities.

Yemeni talks The UN’s envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed will start contacting Kuwait this week to arrange for hosting inter- Yemeni talks in Kuwait on Jan 14, wellinformed sources said. The sources stressed that Kuwait is interested in hosting these talks if the concerned Yemeni parties agree to take part according to a clear agenda with the aim of eventually achieving peace and bridging the gaps between them.

Rent allowance The Public Authority for Housing Welfare announced that the total amounts paid to citizens in rent allowance since 1991 till the end of 2015 summed up to KD 1.9 billion. According to statistics issued by the authority, 9,376 citizens were added as beneficiaries during the fiscal year ending Dec 31, 2015, and that the total number of beneficiaries was 1,18,357 citizens. Statistics also showed that rent allowance beneficiaries increased by 24 percent in December after 928 out of 1,226 applicants were approved. Statistics also showed that rent allowance was suspended for 298 citizens because of canceling their housing applications, having built their own houses, getting divorced or getting private sector job-provided housing.

Privatization As part of the government’s plan to privatize some of its establishments, the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) has finalized a plan to privatize the ministry’s facilities and a study on that regard would be referred to the Cabinet’s ministerial committee soon, well-informed sources said. The sources stressed that the committee would review the plan pending referring it to the Cabinet for approval before the summer. Further, the sources added that another plan to privatize the Ministry of Communications’ services was being currently prepared and that more studies on privatizing ministries, such as the information, health, municipality, some Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health departments would follow.

By A Saleh