KUWAIT: Official sources said that the manpower authority has started checking various work permits after discovering manipulation in some work permits issued in the private sector, where some laborers registered as domestic helpers were working elsewhere. The sources added a special team has been assigned to examine work permits issued during the previous three years. Violators will have their permits cancelled and held legally accountable.

Sexual harassment
The court of cassation yesterday sentenced to life a man accused of sexual harassment against someone he was responsible for bringing up. Addressing the accused, who justified his crime to psychological disturbances he suffers from, the judge stressed that even insane people refrain from committing certain actions and avoid them. The court of cassation also abstained from punishing a female citizen working for MSAL for taking a KD 100 bribe.

KCCSU Chairman Meshaal Al-Sayyar stressed the union’s full support to Kuwaitizing all leading positions in co-ops, adding this is in collaboration with MSAL and the manpower authority.