KUWAIT: The Manpower Public Authority (MPA) is about to issue new fees on labor transactions within days, informed sources said. The MPA has completed the study on increases, the sources said, adding that transfer fees will be increased to KD 50 instead of KD 10, first time work permit to KD 50 and renewal to KD 10. The sources expected the decision to be issued this week.

In other news, the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) detected suspected violations by 5,500 employees in 45 government departments who received social and children allowances (labor support) based on a Cabinet decision to pay these allowances to those working in non-government areas. MGRP Secretary General Gawzi Al-Majdali said the total amount of support funds that were spent undeservedly are up to KD 10 million. He added that “those areas were contacted to take all necessary measures to recover this money by the government.”

Majdali said the auditing the program did on those who deserve allowances revealed that those employees were working for the private sector before transferring to the government and were receiving the allowances set for them by law, but the program discovered that they were continuing their studies at the same time, and the law does not allow those who deserve allowances to combine work in the private sector and study at the same time. Majdali said “the program must be provided with copies of study certificates of employees the government departments were contacted about”. He said the program asked that the allowances amounts those employees received to be deducted from their salaries. Majdali demanded all these employees to pay what they owe and the money they received unrightfully from the state. – Al-Anbaa, Al-Qabas