KUWAIT: Kuwait City and the Liberation Tower as seen from the Mubarakya Market. — KUNA

KUWAIT: Inflation in consumer prices rose 3.29 percent in January compared to the same month in 2016, according to Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau. General index dropped 0.07 percent in January compared to December, on monthly basis. Main index for the major group (food and beverages) rose 0.19 percent in January compared to the same month last year. The group posted drop on monthly basis at 0.32 percent.

Main index of the second group (tobacco) stabilized on monthly basis but rose 0.07 percent on annual basis. That of the third group (clothes and sports uniforms) dropped by 1.48 percent on annual basis; by 0.24 percent on monthly basis.  Inflation in the fourth group (household) climbed 6.44 percent on annual ba sis.  That of the fifth group (furniture and maintenance equipment) rose four percent on yearly basis.

The sixth group (health) posted rise in inflation by 1.55 percent on annual basis.  That of the seventh group (transports) jumped on annual basis by 10.67 percent; monthly by 0.15 percent. Prices in the 8th group (communications) stabilized. Inflation in the ninth group (leisure and culture) climbed on yearly basis by 0.16 percent. That of the 10th group (education) also rose annually by 0.31 percent. – KUNA