local1KUWAIT: National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem warned against the dangers of the current security situation in Kuwait, especially after the discovery of a terrorist cell and a large arsenal of weapons.

Kuwaitis are capable of defeating these terrorist attempts aiming to destroy their country, as they share a strong sense of unity and nationalism, Ghanem said yesterday in a press statement. Kuwait will take extreme measures against all those involved in the incident in or out of the country, be it individuals, groups, or other countries, the Speaker stressed.

Meanwhile, Ghanem noted that the government will provide full details and thorough information on the terrorist group including their links and supporters, once the investigations were complete. He called on all categories of society to unite against these plots targeting Kuwait’s security and stability and avoid religious extremism, adding that terrorism has no religion, country, or identity.

Ghanem warned against any speech that would incite sectarian strife and discord within Kuwaiti society. The National Assembly Speaker said that setting an umbrella term for terrorism and including specific sects or ethnicities under certain categories was a wrongful act, adding that terrorism is not represented by any certain portion of society.

Painting a certain sect with a wide brush and blaming individual groups of wreaking havoc are acts incompatible with the Kuwaiti constitution’s article 33 which states that “penalty is personal,” said Ghanem. He thanked the MPs for their vital, announced and unannounced, efforts in keeping with notions of national unity, adding that the National Assembly will work with all state bodies specifically the security forces to defend Kuwait from any harm. – KUNA