KUWAIT: The criminal court yesterday sentenced a citizen to 17 years prison over state security charges of slandering His Highness the Amir and two others to 10 years each for facilitating his escape to Qatar. Notably, Qatar security authorities handed over the suspect upon a Kuwaiti request and extradited him back to Kuwait. The man reportedly made his offensive remarks in video footage that spread on social media.

FTZ verdict annulled
The court of cassation yesterday annulled a previous verdict made by the court of appeal in relation to the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and, thus, approved cancelling the FTZ contract with the National Real Estate Company (NREC). Notably, the cassation court had previously suspended the appeal court’s verdict cancelling the former minister of commerce, Falah Al-Hajri’s decision to terminate FTZ’s contract with the company.

Built in 1999 on 1.5 million square meters of land in the western part of the Shuwaikh Port, the FTZ has been embroiled for years in a legal dispute between the government and NREC, which had been granted a license to develop and manage it. In December 2010, inspection teams from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry implemented an order to shut down restaurants and other commercial establishments in the area, which also houses warehouses with storage facilities, exhibition grounds, banks, courier companies, and insurance companies.

Weather: Windy and warm
Metrology expert Essa Ramadan yesterday said that the weather would be stable with north westerly wind of moderate speed until Friday. He also noted that expected temperatures would vary between 24 and 30 degrees centigrade. Further, Ramadan explained that this pre-Sarrayyat( the name of a local type of wind) period is usually full of active dusty wind and unstable weather until mid-April.

Spring camping extension appeal
Municipal Council member and head of Farwaniya committee, Nayef Al-Sour yesterday appealed to the minister of communications and minister of state for municipality affairs, Essa Al-Kandari to allow extending the spring camping season for a month to annually end on May 1st instead of April 1st. Al-Sour justified his appeal by the fact that temperatures were not expected to considerably rise in that period and said that citizens would still want to go camping even after the season ends by municipality orders. “Camping has become a habit for citizens as well as a breather where they meet and chat in outdoor diwaniyas,” he said.

Traffic lights and congestion
Municipal Council member and the head of Hawalli committee, Yousif Al-Ghareeb suggested removing the traffic light between Andalus, Ardhiya and Firdous along Sheikh Zayed Highway with a bridge to lessen traffic congestions there. Ghareeb added that motorists driving in and out of the three surrounding and densely populated residential areas had been caught up in traffic congestions at that point on daily basis. “In addition, there is a wedding hall near that point and this make traffic even worse whenever a ceremony was held there”, he added noting that so many accidents also happen in that point during rush hours.

Mutla violations
General coordinator of the south Mutla City Khaled Al-Enezi yesterday urged EPA and the municipality to act immediately to remove violations in the form of ranches, barns and camps pitched in the area allocated to be used by the housing authority to build the city. Al-Enezi added that building the city infrastructure was scheduled to commence within two moth after opening the first tender’s bedding offers on April 3rd. “The municipality has not yet warned the violators and such lenience in law-enforcement means repeating what happened in West Abdullah Al-Mubarak where the construction company still suffers from the remnants of those ranches and barns till today,” he explained.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi