ADEN: Authorities in Lahij governorate, south of Yemen, on Sunday opened a medical center in Al-Qabbaytah District that was equipped with basic supplies by Kuwait’s Al-Najat Charitable Society as part of ‘Kuwait by your side’ campaign. In a statement, Yanabia Al-Khair Charity Foundation said the project funded by Zakat Kaifan committee and supervised by Al-Najat Charitable Society aims to overhaul the center’s utilities to provide adequate medical services to the citizens of Al-Mo’qem area and alleviate their sufferings.

It added that the center has been equipped with several devices and equipment like an ultrasound device, basic laboratory equipment, oxygen cylinders, a solar-powered electricity system, a refrigerator for preserving fluids and medicines, and others. Saleh Al-Khalaqi, adviser to Lahij Governor, expressed his appreciation to the Kuwaiti people and government for this important humanitarian aid that meets demands of the poor communities in the remote countryside.

This project will save a lot of efforts and mitigate sufferings of hundreds of families that cut risky and long distances to get costly basic medical services, he said. Equipping the center is an appropriate solution to harsh sufferings facing these families and facilitates supporting and operating it after providing its basic equipment, he noted. – KUNA