Kuwaiti artist showcases calligraphy art in Cairo

CAIRO: An artist from Kuwait has been showing his pieces of art in an exhibition in Egypt, paintings that displayed beauty of the Arabic calligraphy in new shape. Art has a key role in enlightening “human soul because it is an intellectual and healing message, which triggers positive energy,” Mshebib Al-Otaibi, said. Otaibi, a professor of art at Kuwait’s Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), said his paintings consisted of Arabic calligraphy “which has many lovers.”

Otaibi, who called his exhibition “Arabic Font, taste and spirituality,” included phrases to his paintings in which he praised Allah Almighty. Otaibi said ancient Egyptians were using “art treatment,” a method that could be used now to trigger positive energy and contribute to solving many problems related to drugs and family affairs. “This thing can be used for a better life,” he added. He said he was looking forward to establishing a school to teach children the art of writing Arabic font. Otaibi said he was displaying some 35 paintings with different themes. – KUNA