KUWAIT: WaynYo, the first trend-focused platform in the region, officially launched in the Middle East, with Kuwait as its first operating market. The application, available on Google Play and the App Store is a revolutionary way of aggregating content based on popularity and likes, with the ability to track most liked and engaged with content within a certain geolocation. This one-of-a-kind platform was founded by Wissam Tamer and Dany Moghnie, two telecommunication entrepreneurs – who had a single-minded vision of empowering people of all ages with the power to influence and ability to have their content seen by millions around the region.

Commenting on the launch of WaynYo, Wissam Tamer said: “WaynYoenables users to discover the trendiest photos and videos circulating in their area. It’s an application that is able to aggregate the most liked and engaged with content, so users have an unbiased way of seeking out content that actually trends in a certain area.”

Tamer added, “With WaynYo, we all have the power to become influential and to have our content seen by anyone and everyone without the risks of complicated algorithms and advertising implications. It’s a simple formula – the more likes you get, the higher your chance of having more people view your content.”

WaynYo is an open public application, meaning that any content posted can be seen, liked and “super-liked” by any user and can be shared and linked to other social media platforms, including Instagram. WaynYo has established a partnership with a Kuwait based angel investor in being their partner in reaching a wider audience in Kuwait and reaching more potential users in the region in the upcoming months. To find out more about WaynYo, follow @waynyo_app on Instagram or visit waynyo.com