KUWAIT: Kuwait Times Editor-in-Chief Abd Al-Rahman Al-Alyan (center) is flanked by Deputy Editors-in-Chief Abdullah Boftain (right) and Dr Ziad Al-Alyan.

By Abd Al-Rahman Al-Alyan
Kuwait Times Editor-in-Chief

KUWAIT: As Editor-in-Chief of Kuwait Times, I am always thinking about the future of the news industry in Kuwait and the world. So much has changed since the launch of Kuwait Times in 1961 – the industry continues to grow and transform while playing a critical role in the national discourse.

This week we are all delighted to welcome onboard Abdullah Boftain, a well-known media professional who will be adding to Kuwait Times’ vision of the future by leveraging his vast experience and building a partnership with Kuwait News e-paper. We are all cautious about the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but at the same time are excited about the future of Kuwait Times and the media industry in our beloved country.