KUWAIT: A group photo of Kuwait Times’ staff. – Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

By Nawara Fattahova

With every ending year and in anticipation of the New Year, people make resolutions that they work on realizing during the coming year. But many resolutions made in previous years were not accomplished, especially with the pandemic, so people have shifted these resolutions to 2021. Also, as 2020 messed up our lives and plans, the 2021 resolutions hope for new beginnings.

Here are the resolutions of Kuwait Times’ staff:
Nawara: To compensate for not travelling in 2020, I will travel every month. I also want to start saving money to buy a new car. I will work seriously to start fashion designing and have my own brand.

Chidi: There will be need to pray more and worry less. I want to be a blessing to others – promoting peace, love, equity and unity. Above all, I would like to be a good ambassador of Christ.

Mustafa: I want to support my daughter till she graduates. I want to arrange the marriage of my son and move to a new house.

Zakir Mansoori: I want to make more money this year, even if I have to work 16 hours daily.

Hasan: Not get married this year.

Sahar: Take more care of my health and myself. I need a break to disappear for one month at least.

Abdullatif: Lose excess weight.

Sreenu: As I haven’t traveled for three years, I want to travel this year. Also I will donate money to poor people in India.

Marylyn: I will travel not only to Egypt, but to other countries in Europe such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and others.

Shakir: I want to travel more, exercise more, write more and learn new skills.

Suhail: I will build a new house in Bangladesh. I have already started construction and want to finish it in 2021.

Jamie: To be kinder and work every day towards achieving my goals.

Lenin: Planning to leave and go back home to India to settle there.

Yasser: I will buy a new camera.

Ahmad: I want to work to become a better person by taking things one step at a time.

Sajeev: Given the uncertain pandemic situation, it may not be wise to make a New Year resolution. Something unexpected can happen anytime and upset the applecart. Still, it is good to be positive and optimistic. So, I will give my old plan a serious thought – to write a book. The idea has been in the back of my mind for some time. Why not? 2021 may be a good year to start working on my book and even complete it.

Sabastian: I find it hard to keep new year’s resolutions so I have decided not to make any new resolutions. The only possible one would be to travel to India if the circumstances allow me to travel in 2021.

Islam: I will improve myself in my field of IT by developing my website to increase my income, so I will be able to pay for my son’s university fees. I want my son to finish his postgraduate studies. I also want to establish my own IT company.

Ismail: I will travel to my homeland Egypt this year. I will also practice more sports to control my weight. I want to support my son in his high school studies to let him join either engineering or medical college. I will also support my daughter to finish her intermediate studies and go to high school.
Rachel: I want to practice more sports with my children. I am now going for a walk once a week, but I want to go daily in 2021. I also want to save and invest.

Ben: Kuwait is my second home. Thank you Kuwait for the countless blessings and opportunities and for your readiness to embrace us! Thank you Kuwait Times! While prioritizing my family and job as a reporter, in 2021 I also want to earn extra income through online selling and meeting new people. I started a YouTube channel during the lockdown with content about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). With this, I will continue to add more motivational stories and valuable content to inspire more people.

Rasha: I will get membership of a health club, as I want to lose weight.

Rajesh: I wish to travel this year without having to go through the hassle of quarantine.