kuwait-scKUWAIT: Kuwait SC were crowned winners of the eighth edition of the football Super Cup late on Monday after comfortably overcoming Qadsiya 3-1. Fahd Al-Ansari scored for Qadsiya first in the seventh minute from a neat pass by Ghanaian professional Rashid Sumaila. Kuwait equalized in the 29th-minute thanks to Hussein Salem’s long shot from outside the box. Brazilian midfielder Rogerio de Assis Silva Coutinho added a second goal for Kuwait from an expert pass by Khaled Ajab.

Hussein Hakem made Qadsiya’s mission even harder when he scored the final goal in the 57thminute, a carbon-copy of Salem’s shot in the first half. This has been Kuwait SC’s third title since start of the annual competition. The game was held at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, home ground of Kazma SC. — KUNA