KUWAIT: Officials attend a press conference to announce the Sadi Exhibition. – KUNA photos

KUWAIT: Sadu exhibition, Sadi, hopes to showcase the creativity of Kuwaiti weavers to the world after the success of last year’s event in Dubai. The event, which was launched once again at Kuwait Sadu House on Saturday as part of the Al-Qurain cultural festival, hosted five practitioners of the traditional wool textile art once only common to the country’s desert dwelling Bedouin community.

“The exhibition’s participants have excelled in uncovering the harmony of sadu art and have applied this to their own works, through spinning and weaving in various patterns and rich colors,” honorary president Sheikha Altaf Al-Sabah said. Kuwait Sadu House, a not-for-profit organization, is keen on introducing the event to a wider international audience following its success across several Gulf countries.

Sadi is an “ambitious initiative aimed at encouraging creativity and innovation” amongst local sadu practitioners, she added. “It gives these artists the opportunity to unearth different aspects of this textile heritage and rethink and re-interpret these traditions in a contemporary manner – each artist has their own way of interacting with the fabric,” she said. – KUNA