JERUSALEM: A Palestinian man helps a wounded fellow Palestinian after being attacked by Zionist security forces at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound yesterday. – AFP

KUWAIT: Kuwait Red Crescent (KRCS) will launch a donation campaign on its official website on Tuesday, aimed at supporting the Palestinian people as they continue to deal with ongoing attacks in and around Jerusalem. “The campaign aims to aid the Palestinians in Jerusalem in their ordeal and to relieve the painful plight they are going through from the Zionist occupation’s repeated violations,” KRCS Chairman Maha Al-Barjas said.

The donations will be accepted by debit card (Knet) payment on the KRCS website, said Barjas. The KRCS chief urged people to donate for the sake of “humanity,” praising the people of Kuwait for their unyielding generosity through the ages and their keenness to help others around the world.

KRCS had announced on Sunday that it donated a fully equipped ambulance with sanitizers, preventive and precautionary materials to Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS). Barjas said the society has spared no efforts to aid the brotherly Palestinian people in Jerusalem, stressing that support offered to them includes all humanitarian and relief aid.

The KRCS is in constant contact with the PRCS to provide urgent main needs to the brotherly Palestinian people in Jerusalem and back their steadfastness against the Zionist entity, she added. She has noted that Kuwait through its society stresses that it stands with the Palestinian people to enhance their steadfastness and existence on their land. Barjas expressed preparedness of KRCS to provide financial support to the Palestinian people to help them face the Zionist occupation.

KJA condemns
Meanwhile, Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) condemned the continued and systematic Zionist occupation and aggression in Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah and surrounding areas, as well as attempts by the occupation forces to evict residents and the continued desecration of Islamic sanctities and the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

In a press statement, KJA lauded the Palestinian people’s struggle and their confrontation of the occupier in defense of their land and holy sanctities in order to get their legitimate rights, “while the world remains silent towards these violations and practices that disregard all values and humanitarian norms, and ignore all international resolutions and treaties.”

KJA appealed to the international community and free writers to stand with the Palestinian people, particularly those in Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah, to get their legitimate rights, support their struggle and expose the violations of the Zionist occupation.

The Arab Parliament’s Observatory for Human Rights affirmed yesterday that the continuous violations of the Zionist occupation against the Palestinians represent “crimes against humanity” and require urgent international action to stop them. The Observatory condemned in a statement the Zionist occupation’s storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the forced displacement of the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the storming of their homes, as well as the continuation of the settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territories.

It called on the UN Security Council to intervene immediately to stop these attacks and to provide international protection for the Palestinian people under international law in all Palestinian areas and Jerusalem. Earlier yesterday, Zionist occupation forces shot and wounded 180 Palestinians in Al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound. – KUNA