Kuwait police arrest trio for forging banknotes

KUWAIT: Forged banknotes found with the suspects

KUWAIT: Criminal investigation detectives recently arrested a gang of three; two Africans and one European, for forging money and circulating the fake notes in the local market. Detectives were tipped off concerning the suspects’ activities, before a special investigation team verified the tip and managed to identify and locate the suspects. They were later on arrested with possession of fake KD 20 and $100 bills, in addition to special tools they used in the forgery process, the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department said in a statement. The suspects were sent to the proper authorities for further action.

Visa trafficking
Criminal detectives busted a six-member gang for trading in visas by bringing in Asian laborers in exchange of money. The head of the gang was arrested at Kuwait International Airport while leaving the country. The six had several passports, entry visas, work permits and signature authorizations, all believed to be forged. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Sentence commuted
The second circuit of the appeals court commuted to four years a 17-year jail sentence against a Kuwaiti suspect who beat an Egyptian store worker named Waheed and attempted to kill him. The court upheld the ruling that Waheed is innocent of insulting and beating the citizen.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun