KUWAIT: Kuwait is the least popular destination among expatriates, according to a recent survey. The survey, dubbed ‘Expat Insider Survey 2015’ and released by recently, ranks Kuwait in last place behind Greece, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia respectively, and falling three spots compared to 2014 ranking.

In order to complete the survey, InterNations asked 14,000 respondents from 195 countries and overseas territories a range of questions on life abroad.

Kuwait occupies the 64th and last place of the overall ranking, particularly due to its low score in the Ease of Settling in Index, the survey reads. “In fact, 53 percent of respondents are unhappy with the general friendliness of local residents. The opportunities to find new friends also leave a lot to be desired for one-third of respondents. Unfortunately, the situation is similarly grim when it comes to the overall quality of life. Many expats are not satisfied with the available leisure options, while others see their personal happiness suffering. Only for the Job Security and Language subcategories does the country receive some decent results, making it to 26th and 25th place, respectively.”

Meanwhile, Ecuador came on top as the most favorite destination among expats for the second straight year, as it occupies first place in the Personal Finance and Cost of Living Indices.

Mexico came in second place, as the survey says that it “receives top marks from expats for feeling at home in the local culture and ranks second in the subcategories of Friendliness and Finding Friends.” Malta, which came in third place, scores highest in the Working Abroad Index, mostly due to the high job satisfaction among survey respondents, according to the survey.