KUWAIT: Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced yesterday the seizure and confiscation of a huge amount of various narcotics in addition to some unlicensed arms and ammunition between January 1 and May 31. The MoI said in a statement that the General Administration of Narcotics Control with the support of security services seized 650 kilograms of hashish, 22 kg and 831 grams of amphetamine (shabu) pills, 21.851 kg of heroin, between January 1 and May 31.

Moreover, security personnel had seized 32.739 kg of marijuana, 28.646 kg of chemicals, 25 kg of raw chemicals, 565 grams of cocaine, more than nine million psychotropic pills, 842 stimulating pills and 183 bottles of liquor during the same period. The ministry added that 864 drug cases were registered, including 24 arrest-warrant cases, 107 cases of possession with intent to trade and 697 cases of possession with intent to use.

Up to 1,099 suspects were arrested and 325 of them were deported, the MoI statement added. It also reported, covering the same period of time, that two marijuana farms were discovered and narcotics were seized, in addition to seizing 189 cigarettes emptied to be filled with narcotics, two pistols, 75 bullets, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and paper impregnated with chemical substance. Necessary legal measures had been taken to deal with these cases, the MoI affirmed. It confirmed that further security campaigns would be launched against drugs and illegal materials to protect and preserve Kuwait’s society. – KUNA