BEIRUT: Dr Musaed Al-Enezi, head of the KRCS mission in Lebanon, visits a patient at Al-Jaitawi Hospital who was injured in the recent fuel tanker blast in Akkar. – KUNA photos

BEIRUT: Kuwait Red Crescent Society has hurriedly responded to appeals for help after a fuel tanker blew up in the northernmost region of Akkar, killing 28 people and injuring scores others. Dr Pierre Yared, director of Al-Jaitawi Hospital that received a number of people who suffered from burns in the tragic incident, lauded KRCS’ contributions to cover the costs of treating the injured, expressing deep gratitude to Kuwait for its latest assistance for the people of Lebanon.

The hospital admitted 12 people with burns, he said, noting that most of them suffered from severe burns and three were in a very critical condition. The situation resulting from the blast prompted the hospital’s administration to expand the ward for burns’ treatment and purchase additional medical equipment, he said, noting that in some cases, the treatment would last for at least two months.

The KRCS has been aiding the hospital since August 4, 2020 when a huge blast occurred at Beirut Port, inflicting wide-scale damage to properties including nearby hospitals. Meanwhile, Dr Musaed Al-Enezi, the head of the KRCS mission in Lebanon, said while visiting the injured at the hospital that the society has responded to the appeals for help, covering the high costs for treating patients. – KUNA