KUWAIT: His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah speaks during a presentation at Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center yesterday. —KUNA

KUWAIT: His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah affirmed yesterday that the health situation in the country is “stable,” calling for caution, adhering to health instructions, and vaccinations to move to “a safe situation.” This came during a presentation by His Highness the Prime Minister at Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, in the presence of senior state officials, and under the title ‘Kuwait Post-Pandemic.’ His Highness the Prime Minister recalled remarks of His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, at the beginning of the pandemic, calling for everyone to be responsible, “which made our mission sacred,” he said.

His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said that the launch of the electronic application Sahel (Easy), within a week, will mark the first step in the government’s digital transformation, stressing that returning to paper work and the failure of the application to achieve its goals “are not acceptable.” Moreover, His Highness the Prime Minister stressed that he directed the Civil Service Commission to set new regulations of supervisory jobs. He also asked the Civil Service Commission to submit a study regarding bonuses, and linking it to performance and achievement, not just attendance.

Global indicators

His Highness the Prime Minister also affirmed that “Kuwait’s position must be improved in global indicators and in all sectors. Our country spends generously on all sectors, but the indicators are not reflected on the ground.” He also affirmed that executives are required to present a time plan for their work and the sectors affiliated, and to cooperate with the regulatory authorities, address violations, and adhere to the government’s procedures for digital transformation.

Furthermore, His Highness the Prime Minister said, “We are open to meet our brothers, the National Assembly members, to cooperate and work with them to serve Kuwait.” He also affirmed that the government will not hesitate to hold any official accountable and bring him to court whenever it is proven that this official was involved in violating the law and undermining public fund. He also stressed the executives must preserve Kuwait’s foreign relations, reputation, balanced policy and its vision of peaceful solutions to conflicts.

New paths

The government of Kuwait is seeking new paths and ways to implement Kuwait’s 2035 Vision, His Highness the Prime Minister said, affirming that the government took steps to speed up development and economic progress in cooperation with private sector entities.

He called to overcome obstacles preventing more collaboration with the private sector, indicating that this would contribute to the betterment of Kuwait’s economy. He pointed out that a ministerial committee was established to follow up on execution of the development plans, stressing that there would be no compromise in this regard. The committee will report back to the Cabinet in case of violations or hindrance in executing such plans.

15,000 jobs

Kuwait’s Cabinet had on Wednesday discussed progress related to ongoing state projects, including the country’s massive new airport terminal. This came after ministers, led by His Highness the Prime Minister, toured the construction site of Kuwait International Airport’s new Terminal 2 building.

The new terminal will provide 15,000 job opportunities to young Kuwaiti nationals, Minister of Public Works Rana Al-Fares revealed. The construction of the first phase out of three for Terminal 2 reached 54 percent in August, said Fares, who doubles as Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Affairs. The minister described T2 as a facility that will provide a major boost to aviation services in the country, in line with international standards.

The massive project is being built in accordance with ‘green building standards’, a certification proving its conformity to environmentally-friendly practices, leadership in recycling and classification as one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, she added. “We plan to take the project to a grade A ranking in terms of services by the International Air Transport Association (IATA),” said the minister. Upon completion, the terminal will contain 5,000 car parks, with a capacity to receive 25 million passengers annually. It will also feature 30 fixed bridges to accommodate 51 aircraft simultaneously, in addition to a modern hotel in the transit area, she pointed out.

Development stages

The ministers discussed during Wednesday’s meeting the development stages up until June 2021, alongside challenges and obstacles it faces. The efforts of ministries and the civil aviation authority on the matter were commended for the significant progress witnessed in regards to the project. As part of plans to prioritize recreational projects given their significance towards overall development plans, the Cabinet discussed a public services committee suggestion to provide such facilities across the country’s six governorates. It tasked Kuwait’s Public Authority for Youth to follow up on the progress of these planned endeavors, with the aim of building entertainment centers that cater to family needs. On other development projects in the works, the Cabinet tasked the country’s agriculture and fisheries body, in conjunction with other state institutions, to invest in a scheme aiming to improve the country’s community gardens, which are mostly located in residential areas. The Cabinet also discussed laws dealing with a pair of mega city projects, particularly the northern ‘Silk City’ that aims to diversify the national economy and an economic zone planned for the same region as well. — KUNA