KUWAIT: Kuwait Food Bank (KFB) launched a project to dig wells in India, in order to provide clean water to residential areas where people suffer from diseases related to water transport. Director General of KFB Salem Al-Hamar said that the project aims at collecting donations to dig wells in India.

It is a first stage of KFB’s plan to cover the needs of poor families around the world with basics that help them live, and making drinking water available, Hamar said, adding that the cost of each well starts with KD 50. “There are giant artesian wells that cover entire areas, but they cost a lot,” he said, adding that donations can be made through KFB’s website or at its premises.

Residents of remote areas in India are Muslims who are in need of fresh water wells, Hamar said. He noted that those people are suffering a lot to have access to water, but now the KFB is carrying out its largest drinking water project by digging wells in order to help stop their suffering.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi