KUWAIT: Kuwait Eighth Open Tennis Tournament came to a conclusion Tuesday evening under the patronage of President of Kuwait and Arab Shooting Federations Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Abdallah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The tournament saw 500 players of both genders in various age groups, as 302 matches were played.

The final match and closing ceremony also attended by chairman of Behbehani Group Ali Murad Behbehani as well as representatives of other sponsors including Kuwait Financial Center which was represented by Abdellatif Al-Nisf, Kuwait Airways represented by Abdullah Al-Sharhan and Kuwait International Bank represented by Nawaf Najiya.
The final doubles match saw Mohammad Seddiq and Bejorn Rinquest defeating Abdelrahman Al-Awadhi and Abdallah Al-Mukaimi 6-4, 6-1.

The closing ceremony began with Ali Behbehani honoring Kuwait’s tennis player Mohammad Al-Ghareeb and presented him with a Porche car, in appreciation of his efforts to raise Kuwait’s flag in international arenas.
The final results of the tournament were as follows:

Men’s singles:
Abdelrahman Al-Awadhi, Salah Al-Mousa.

Men’s doubles:
Mohammad Sediq & Bejorn Rinquest, Abdelrahman Al-Awadhi & Abdallah Al-Mukaimi.

Women’s singles:
Sarah Behbehani, Dana Al-Fulaij.

U-11 singles:
Abdelwahab Al-Abdallah, Daviansh Tripathy.

U-13 singles:
Satiansh Tripathy, Hussein Al-Shatti.

In the juniors U-17:
Ahmad Khamees, Essa Qabazard.

Women’s U-18:
Fareeda Al-Ayat, Reena Al-Samrani.

Pioneers singles above 45:
Jarokola Chowdry, Mohammad Tonaih.

Pioneers Singles above 55:
Zoran Dimitrivic, Majdi Khamees.

Pioneers doubles above 45:
Marlon Olakar & Jarkola Chowdry, Mohammad Tonaih & Zoran Dimitrivic.
Player Mohammad Al-Ghareeb thanked Kuwait Tennis Federation headed by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Abdallah Al-Sabah, board members and the organizing committee for the outstanding organization. He also expressed appreciation for the honoring he received.

By Abdelllatif Sharaa