A ‘mobile ophthalmology clinic’ vehicle funded by Kuwait’s Al-Rahma International Charity providing medical care for patients in Yemen.

KUWAIT: Kuwait continued last week its humanitarian approach by providing quality relief work with aim of alleviating suffering of the needy and assisting societies in restoring normal life in various sectors. Kuwait focused during the week on alleviating plight of the Yemeni people, providing substantial relief supplies for those affected by the current crisis, in addition to providing humanitarian assistance within the ‘Winter 2020 Project’ campaign in Tunisia.

In this regard, Yemeni officials opened in Aden a free medical camp for children with birth defects and a mobile medical vehicle project funded by Al-Rahma (Mercy) International Charity as part of the ‘Kuwait by Your Side’ campaign that has been proceeding for years.

“The ‘Smile II Camp’ aims to perform 50 surgeries to correct the cleft lip and palate dome in children with congenital anomalies,” said the Communication for Human Development Foundation implementing the two projects in a statement. “The camp includes conducting free checks and surgeries and providing the necessary treatment. It will last for a week in Al-Nahdha dispensary in the Mansoura city in Aden,” the statement added.

It pointed out that the second project includes five mobile medical vehicles equipped with all field medical equipment in the fields of ophthalmology, dental, emergency services and health care. During the inauguration ceremony, First Deputy Governor of Aden Mohammad Al-Shazly expressed, in a press statement, deep gratitude and appreciation to Kuwait, namely His Highness the Amir, the Government and people for the generous and continuous support and quality projects they execute in Yemen and in Aden in particular.

Meanwhile, Director-General of the Communication Foundation Raed Ibrahim said the qualitative interventions carried out by Al-Rahma International come from a careful study of the needs and priorities in the health sector. He pointed out that the launch of these projects is coordinated and fully supervised by the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population and its offices in the targeted governorates.

In Tunisia, the International Islamic Charitable Organization, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Embassy and the Tunisian Merhma Association, distributed food, blankets and winter clothes to over 500 families in the northwest of the capital Tunis. Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tunisia Ali Al-Dhafiri said this humanitarian aid comes within the ‘Winter 2020 Project’ campaign, which covered three states; Jendouba, Kef and Kasserine.

He noted that the Kuwaiti International Islamic Charitable Organization has contributed with more than $50,000, praising the role of Kuwaiti charitable and humanitarian institutions in promoting bilateral relations and assisting brothers in Tunisia and other friendly countries. Meanwhile, Tunisian Ambassador to Kuwait Ahmad bin Al-Sagheer said speed of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent in providing aid to the affected peoples comes to complement the humanitarian role of Kuwait and emanates from a sense of the humanitarian duty to assist the countries and peoples affected by disasters.

Following a meeting with the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society Dr Hilal Al-Sayer, bin Al-Sagheer praised the association’s efforts and what it has provided over the past years and continues to provide, namely various humanitarian and relief assistance to countries that have been stricken with disasters. In the meantime, Sayer stressed that the association continues to play its humanitarian role and duty in providing relief to the afflicted peoples, participating in every international effort to alleviate suffering of these peoples. – KUNA