NEW YORK: Kuwait affirmed its commitment to protect children’s rights and support countries and organizations’ efforts to create a better world for children. The remarks were made by third secretary in Kuwait’s permanent mission at the UN, Seba Al-Fuhaid, late Thursday, during a meeting of the third committee of the United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) General Assembly. She noted that this year marks the 30th anniversary of signing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Meanwhile, Fuhaid welcomed the UN Secretary General’s report on about 100 countries that have strict policies on violence against children and about 60 other countries that have issued laws preventing violence against children of all forms, including in homes and schools. Although governments and UN organizations are exerting great efforts to protect children, the ongoing conflicts and wars are depriving children from education and healthcare services, she said. They are also prone to all kinds of violations and violence due to displacement in war-torn countries, the secretary added.

Fuhaid also noted Kuwait’s stance on resolving conflicts through peaceful and political solutions, mainly in the Arab World. Moreover, she called on the international community to protect civilians, especially children, also calling on conflict parties to allow the delivery of food and humanitarian aid to children in need. Fuhaid spoke of Kuwait’s role in aiding children around the world, noting that it had donated over $230 million to the UNICEF since 2010, making it one of the top donating countries in the Middle East and North Africa. She added that the Kuwaiti constitution states that violence of any form against children is strictly prohibited, noting that the country had issued several laws to protect the rights of children and provide them with a decent life.

Further efforts
Separately, Kuwait called for ending conflicts peacefully around the world, also calling on the international community to exert further efforts to aid those in need in war-torn countries. The remarks were made by Kuwait’s first secretary Saleh Al-Harran during the meeting of the sixth committee of the UN General Assembly late Friday to discuss the rule of the law on national and global level. He noted the importance of the rule of the law in achieving peace, security, economic development and equality. It also prevents violations of human rights especially in conflict zones.

Meanwhile, Harran said that the Kuwaiti constitution protects rights and equality among individuals, adding that Kuwait had issued a law on national unity, forbidding all forms of hate, extremism and racism. Kuwait also issued other laws on cybercrimes, online media and environment protection, he said. The country took serious measures to enhance the rule of the law and achieve the development vision 2035, the official noted. Harran added that Kuwait strongly believes in human rights and the right of nations in deciding their fate. It also considers the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli conflict of 71 years as a violation of the international law and the UN Charter. – KUNA