KUWAIT: The Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) began blocking caller ID smartphone applications from Internet providers in Kuwait after finding that such applications violate an individual’s privacy, obtain their private information and compromise their security, and this has led to family disputes and bank thefts. The information technology security department explained that when the user installs a caller ID application, he allows the app to access all information on his phone such as phone numbers and addresses.

Kuwait Bay

A joint meeting was held at the Environment Public Authority with the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources, environment police and coastguards. The discussions focused on upgrading the work mechanism between said entities in order to tighten supervision over Kuwait Bay, in addition to cooperating in fighting overfishing in off-limit areas, and implementing the environment protection law 42/2014 and its amendment.

Eid clothes

Kuwait Food Bank launched the 2018 ‘Kiswat Al-Eid’ (Eid clothes) project for distributing clothes in cooperation with Al-Sayer Holding Group, as part of its care of poor and needy families and to bring happiness to children and families. Kuwait Food Bank’s Director General Salem Al-Hamar said the Kiswat Al-Eid project is one of the many successful charity projects through which the society seeks to fulfill its social responsibility in caring for orphans and needy families. Hamar thanked Al-Sayer Holding Group and its continued support of charity works.

Notable improvement

Director of Commercial Planning at Kuwait Airways Shurouq Al-Awadhi said Kuwait Airways’ Istanbul station witnessed notable improvement during the past years as two flights are operated everyday with wide and narrow bodied aircrafts. She said the Trabzon station during this summer also witnessed success, adding that Kuwait Airways will launch new routes in the coming period. Awadhi said she is proud of Kuwait Airways as it is the official carrier of Kuwait, adding it went through several successful transitional stages over the past few years and upgraded its fleet. Awadhi thanked the Kuwait Embassy in Turkey for its continued support. Kuwait Airways had celebrated the opening of a new office in Istanbul on Friday amid the state carrier’s expansion plans and Kuwait’s launch of the new state-of-the-art airport Terminal 4.

Housing project

An informed source said Kuwait Municipality will soon write to the director general of the Public Authority for Welfare with regards to redrawing the borders of East Taima housing project. This action will help prevent the area’s project from overlapping with the metro project, which is planned to run through parts in the same area under its current blueprint.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi and A Saleh