KUWAIT: A French study specialized in aviation recently published a list of airlines with the lowest cost in the world, which included Kuwait Airways amongst the top fifty cheapest airlines. According to Rio2Go website, the research compared 200 major airlines by the average price per kilometer on international flight searches. It also showed that 24 of the 30 cheapest airlines are based in either Asia or the Middle East.

Further, the report shows that the Australian TigerAir is on top of the list with a low cost of $0.06 per kilometer, while the cost onboard the Malaysian AirAsia is $0.07 per kilometer, followed by AirIndia Express with $0,08 and the Indonesian AirAsia with$ 0.09. Ten European airlines were also included in the list including the Norwegian Premiera Air, RyanAir of Ireland, and WOW Air of Island with an average of $ 0.10 per kilometer. Concerning Kuwait, the report ranks Kuwait Airways amongst the world’s cheapest airlines with an average cost of $ 0.11 per kilometer, followed by Saudi Airline with $0.13 per kilometer.

KD 8,897 per student

Kuwait University (KU) financial auditors reported that 36,000 students were registered at KU’s various faculties and colleges for this academic year with a cost of KD 8,897 per student, which is KD 1,138 higher compared to the per-student cost last year. The report added that by taking the cost of Sabah Al-Salem University project of KD 2 billion into consideration, the per-student cost would jump to over KD 11,000 a year.

The report also called for increasing the number of teaching staff members according to actual needs of various departments to match the growing number of students. It also called for setting a four-year strategic plan for scholarships and staff recruitment to cover the growing need for staff members for the Sabah Al-Salem University.

Kuwaiti teachers

Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athari announced that the procedures needed to recruit new Kuwaiti teachers for the 2018-2019 school year would start on Sunday, July 29, 2018, while recruiting locally contracted non-Kuwaiti teachers would start on August 5, 2018. Further, Athari explained that the procedures of appointing expat teachers from abroad would start on August 14, 2018 before newly hired teachers start a seven-day training course on August 28, 2018.

Bedoons’ hajj

Undersecretary of the ministry of Awqaf, Fareed Emadi urged owners of hajj convoys to respect Saudi authorities’ regulations during the hajj season, noting that strict measures would be taken against violators. Commenting on Bedoon’s hajj, Emadi stressed that priority would be given for those who had never performed hajj before, followed by the elderly and families, then unaccompanied men. He also stressed that the cost of hajj for a bedoon pilgrim would be less than KD 1,000, as instructed by the minister. Further, Emadi said that online registration for bedoon pilgrims would start on July 1, 2018.

By A Saleh