KUWAIT: Kuwait Table Tennis Federation (KTTF) honored 48 referees of both genders after successfully passing the new referees course, the federation organized at the start of the current season, under the supervision of the games international association.

Deputy Chairman of the Board, and head of the referees committee Khalid Al-Khudhari and his deputy Nayef Al-Qabtani distributed the certificates to the referees.
Al-Khudhari said the Board of Directors and its Chairman are keen on developing the administrative and technical staff at the federation through specialized courses, carried by approved lecturers by the international association.

He said there was a course for coaches, and now the referees course ended. He lauded the referees efforts, adding that the lack of complaints from clubs over the officiating of the league matches indicates their technical and administrative abilities that contributed the success of table tennis season 2019-2020.

By Abdellatif Sharaa