KUWAIT: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) continues to hand out meals to workers in schools and residential areas during the holy month of Ramadan, supporting deprived families in and out of Kuwait. Speaking to KUNA, KRCS Secretary General Maha Al-Barjas said yesterday that KRCS continues to implement the Ramadan humanitarian program of bringing relief aid to all vulnerable families in Kuwait, distributing baskets, food, toiletries and other essentials.

Nearly 5,000 food baskets were given to families, also health materials, she explained. Additionally, KRCS hands out 2,000 food baskets daily to workers in all areas of Kuwait, she stated, referring to the distribution of 60,000 meals to workers during Ramadan.

KRCS also supports the poor outside Kuwait in Yemen, Comoros, as well as Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Malawi, Afghanistan and Somalia, she added. Barjas commended the volunteers’ efforts, urging philanthropists in Kuwait to donate, help and support the needy. – KUNA