The TBY team with Dr Samira A. S. Omar

KUWAIT: The Business Year (TBY), a global media group providing business and economic information on national economies, had the pleasure to meet with Dr Samira A. S. Omar, Director General of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), as part of its upcoming edition of The Business Year: Kuwait 2019, produced in partnership with Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) and the German Business Council Kuwait (GBCK).

For over 50 years, KISR has been a pioneer in the region regarding scientific research and R&D. Ioana Popa, TBY’s Country Director for Kuwait, underscored the importance of featuring KISR in The Business Year: Kuwait 2019, pointing out that, “this year will be a special edition in which we will highlight the new trends of the Kuwaiti economy and for this reason it was primordial for us to feature KISR.” TBY’s Country Editor, Kevin Delaplace Haro, echoed the institute’s importance, adding “KISR is a highly reputable entity in the country and in the region; its role in shaping up the future of Kuwait is undeniable and we are happy to count with Dr. Omar’s comments.”

KISR is currently completing its eighth five-year strategic plan that will end in 2020, aiming to develop key research programs that will meet the demands and challenges the country faces in respect to scientific and technological developments. In fact, Kuwait has both environmental concerns and food security issues and KISR’s research is playing a vital role in developing the know-how that will help Kuwait overcome these concerns. In that regard, Dr. Omar said “our aquaculture and oceanography research started with the establishment of the institute and our society relies on the fish stock.” She also shed light on the institute’s mission: “KISR’s task is to identify economically important species in order to study the stocks and monitor their status, but also develop aquaculture techniques to grow these fish in tanks for commercialization, while enhancing their population in the open sea.” KISR also employs the latest technology that helps monitor weather conditions and prevent possible environmental disasters.

Nuclear energy was another interesting topic that was discussed during the interview. KISR is an active member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). As such, KISR is looking for ways to use nuclear energy for food and agriculture, as well as the environment. Dr. Omar said that KISR is “using isotopes and radiation to enhance wheat production, for example, and record acidification for climate change assessment.” Notably, KISR is playing a key role in assisting the government in terms of nuclear safety and control.

Dr. Samira A. S. Omar was appointed Director General of KISR in February 2016.
The Business Year: Kuwait 2019 will feature views and insights from more than 100 senior executives and government officials across all sectors, obtained through face-to-face interviews in the country. The publication will also feature sector reviews, analyses, focus articles, and contributions from foreign guest speakers. It will be launched on June 13 in London and will be widely distributed locally and internationally at major economic forums, investment forums, and conferences.