Abdullah Al-Fadel

KUWAIT: In a continuation of its ongoing efforts to support sports activities and young local talents, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) offered its sponsorship to world-renowned Jet Ski champion and national athlete, Abdullah Al-Fadel. As part of its year-long sponsorship, the Bank will continue to support the athlete throughout his participation in local, regional and international tournaments and championships.

Over the past few years, Al-Fadel has amassed a series of internationally-recognized sports titles and achievements. Most recently, Al-Fadel won second place in the King of Thailand International Jet Ski tournament and second place in the Pro Ski King’s Cup for professional riders; one of the largest and most challenging categories. He also nabbed first place in two different categories in a championship held in Chicago in the State of Illinois in the United States.

On this occasion, Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, Nawaf Najia, said: “This sponsorship comes as part of KIB’s strategy aimed at supporting sports activities and initiatives of talented local youth. Accordingly, we hope to support youth across various areas, thereby boosting Kuwait’s standing and the nation’s future leaders.”

Najia added that KIB has always been a dedicated supporter and proud sponsor of national champion, Abdullah Al-Fadel. This stems from the Bank’s strong belief in his athletic talent and his ability to garner a series of prestigious achievements and awards across a number of international tournaments.

It is worth mentioning that sponsoring sports initiatives and activities continues to be a cornerstone of KIB’s leading social responsibility program. For that reason, the Bank provides its unwavering support to talented athletes across all sports, aiming at promoting the sports culture throughout the local community.