KUWAIT: As part of its ongoing efforts to build community-wide awareness, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) sponsored activities of the International Day Against Drug Abuse, which was organized by the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. The event featured a booth at the Avenues Mall which aimed at promoting awareness of drug abuse prevention, its damaging effects, as well as control methods. KIB believes in the importance of cooperation between both private and public institutions to fully support initiatives such as these.

Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, Nawaf Najia, said: “Our sponsorship of these activities comes as part of our comprehensive social responsibility program, aiming at supporting important social issues that affect diverse segments of the community, particularly youth. Of course, this all comes under our new strategic direction of being a ‘Bank for Life’, reflecting our key role in the community as a partner in every aspect of people’s lives.”

KIB remains committed to participating in and sponsoring a number of various international events, particularly those that are locally-led. As a result, these initiatives aim at shedding light on Kuwait’s active interest in international events, which positively reflects on the local community.