Dhari Al-Humaidan

KUWAIT: Under the sponsorship of KIB, national equestrian athlete, Dhari Al-Humaidan, was crowned first-place tournament champion in the 2018 Ecurie de Saint Aulde this season in France. As part of its ongoing support of high-performance athletes, the Bank offered its sponsorship to this young athlete who then shined throughout the tournament and placed first in the equestrian games.

On this occasion, KIB stated: “We are extremely proud of this impressive achievement and soaring performance in this high-profile tournament. Our local champion has demonstrated skill, commitment and precision as he took home the first-place prize. Our sponsorship of Al-Humaidan stems from our strong belief in his athletic talent and his ability to boost Kuwait’s standing both regionally and internationally. For this reason, we will continue to support young, promising athletes in local, regional, and international tournaments and championships. Through our support, we hope to foster more young athletes who will garner a number of regional and international accolades.”

KIB also lauded Al-Humaidan and credits his unwavering dedication and long hours of training for his remarkable success in this tough equestrian tournament. The Bank also praised the national athlete’s outstanding equestrian skills and wished him more success which can continue to raise Kuwait’s standing in the future.

Sports continue to be a cornerstone of KIB’s leading social responsibility program. For that reason, the Bank provides its unwavering support to talented athletes across all sports, aiming at promoting the sports culture throughout the local community and beyond.