Fahd Al-Awadhi

KUWAIT: KGL Passenger Transport Services has renewed its contract with the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to develop and upgrade existing busses and developing the fleet with new eco-friendly busses. This move shows both parties’ interest in the development of transport busses and encourage the public to use public transportation.

The company said in a press release that the contract renewal came after KGL, in its first contract with the Emirate of Sharjah, accomplished several achievements in the development of public transport works in line with the highest standards of security, safety and technology in the world.

The agreement was signed based on a strategic plan to develop public transport buses, in parallel with the start of the construction of air-conditioned passenger stations, which is a significant leap in public transport in Sharjah, especially that these stations are characterized by the highest levels of efficiency. The Sharjah RTA made sure that the new buses have all the security and safety conditions, in accordance with the best and latest international standards.

KGL accomplished several achievements in the previous decade, most notably the launch of the “Sayer” smart card for the passengers’ convenience through electronic ticket payment and encouraging, alongside the Government of Sharjah, to support public transportation.

The company continues to utilize modern technologies in public transportation, with the aim of saving time and money and facilitating quick travels and transfers. The signing of the contract was attended by Fahad Al-Awadhi, CEO of KGL Passenger Transport Services, and a number of executives from the public and private sectors.

On this occasion, Fahad Al-Awadhi said: “KGL Passenger Transport Services has made a significant difference in the public transport sector within Sharjah since it won the contract to operate the public transport network in the emirate the last decade. The contract was renewed after the Government of Sharjah witnessed that KGL provides easier, safer, faster, more reliable and less expensive services for public transport passengers on its buses.

Al-Awadhi stressed that the company is environment-conscious, and focuses on the use of information technology and systems with international standards such as GPS system and the satellite tracking system to know the speed and routes of its buses, as well as advanced monitoring systems, and schedule monitoring of buses and their routes by SMS, in order to operate with the highest levels of performance and operational efficiency.

KGL recently launched in Sharjah the “Electronic Wallet”, which can be used to pay on the go and recharge with a 10 percent discount. It is easy to use and has a validity period of 5 years.

It is worth noting that KGL Passenger Transport Services is a subsidiary of Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company and is now one of the leading provider of passenger transport solutions.