Mohammed Mirza

KUWAIT: Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL) announced that one of its subsidiaries KGL Transportation was awarded a government contract for the supply of firefighting equipment to Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for KD1.94 ($6.4 million), where the expected return is expected to be around 5 percent of the contract.

Mohammed Mirza, Chief Technical Officer of the company, said: “Since its inception, the company has been striving to be a successful and pioneering model by working in an organized manner to build what private or public institutions need to develop their economic structure to be able to face competitive market conditions.

Mirza said that the company would provide firefighting equipment to meet the requirements of KOC due of the need for strict measures to provide the highest standards of safety in firefighting equipment. “There is no doubt that the presence of firefighting equipment is very important even if not used for many years; the time may come when the equipment becomes a shield to fight fire or to save lives from sudden fire given the sensitivity of the oil extraction process by KOC”.